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Safe and cost-effective solution based on a proprietary smart topical hydrogel technology that accelerates diabetic foot ulcer healing.



WOUNDAGEL™ is a topical hydrogel product that is based on a proprietary advanced topical hydrogel technology of biodegradable hydrogel-matrix into which an FDA-approved active biologic substance is embedded. WOUNDAGEL™ forms a soft viscous hydrogel-matrix that withstands harsh environments such as extreme temperature fluctuations and acidity.

WOUNDAGEL™ shown to accelerate foot ulcer healing of diabetic patients four times faster compared to standard of care treatment. Currently, WOUNDAGEL™ is investigated in advanced phase 2 clinical trials on diabetic patients with hard-to-heal ulcers. 


WOUNDAGEL™ will soon be the only approved topical pharmaceutical for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers globally, formulated to act as a first-line treatment following effective foot ulcer care. WOUNDAGEL™ features endogenous biologic therapy, shown to accelerate foot ulcer healing by inhibiting local inflammatory response of the foot ulcer and attracting repair cells to the wound.


The prevalence of diabetes is rising, with an estimated 15% of patients likely to experience a foot ulcer complication. 85% of diabetes-related lower limb amputations are preceded by a foot ulcer, yet it is estimated that 85% of those amputations can be prevented. For those who suffer from diabetic foot ulcers, we offer the ultimate safe pharmaceutical WOUNDAGEL™ product that will heal their ulcers quickly, cut their fear of losing a limb or a digit, thereby improving quality of life. Designed for a flexible, one-daily application schedule for fast foot ulcer healing, and applied by either the clinician, caregiver, or patient, WOUNDAGEL™ revolutionizes diabetic foot ulcer management practices and disrupts current solutions for foot ulcers.​



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