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leading a better solutions for wound healing



We are a company that revolutionizes complex wound treatment exclusively via our patented technology. 

We combat diabetic foot ulcers and complex skin wound conditions.

We do more than treat them. We aim to make an outstanding impact on people’s lives and societies.

We are Remedor, a highly focused wound healing clinical research stage biopharmaceutical company. 

We are proud of who we are, what we do, and how we do it.


We believe it is urgent to provide an immediate pharmaceutical solution for the diabetic foot problem. We are passionate about transforming patients’ lives.

Our Business

We believe in the importance of bringing a safe and effecient therapy for wound healing in the ever-changing wound care market.


We are driven by our purpose. Doing now what patients need every day. We focus on transforming patients' lives to help them live better by evolving the practice of wound care.


Our mission is to introduce an innovative, high-quality topical drug technology to improve complex wound healing and impact patient's health and quality of life.

About Us
Diabetic Foot
Standing on a Ball

Diabetic Foot


About 15% of all diabetic patients develop ulcers of the lower legs due to insensate neuropathy. Of those who have a foot ulcer, 40% will experience another ulcer within a year and 60% within three years. Non-healing foot ulcers require intensive care, costly hospitalizations, and prolonged treatment periods. 

1 in 5 individuals with foot ulcers will require a digit or limb amputation. Within three years, 55% of diabetic patients who have had a lower limb amputation will require a subsequent amputation.

The risk for mortality of a diabetic patient with a foot ulcer is 2.5 times higher than that of a diabetic patient without a foot ulcer. Foot ulcers create an enormous economic and healthcare burden, which is worsening as the number of diabetic patients increases. Currently, there are no approved pharmaceuticals which accelerate the healing of a foot ulcer. 

Worldwide Scourging Problem in Numbers


Our innovation is the core of our company. But we are doing more than developing a technology that performs well in the clinic, we are elevating the current standard of care to bring greater benefits to patients with complex wounds such as diabetic foot ulcer and deep burn wounds. Our cutting-edge innovation is a unique proprietary topical biologic technology platform based on a smart hydrogel-matrix that withstands extreme temperature fluctuations and delivers the active substance on the wound bed effectively.


People With Diabetes


Risk for Developing DFU


People With Non-Healing DFUs


Number of Limb Amputation Each Year


Pharmaceutical Products



Surgical Wounds

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WOUNDAGEL™ is Remedor's lead product.

WOUNDAGEL™ shown to achieve faster healing and a greater incidence of ulcer closure in the clinic. 

Our lead product will soon be the only approved pharmaceutical for the treatment of diabetic neuropathic ulcers, formulated to act as a first-line treatment following effective ulcer care.

Our Products

Flagship Product

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Dr. Saher Hamed


Founder & CEO 

Dr. Hamed is a successful innovator whose background combines deep business, scientific and medical knowledge with broad scientific, industry, entrepreneurial, and investment experience.

Dr. Mark Belokopytov


Clinical Director

Dr. Belokopytov joined Remedor in 2015 and is responsible for the research and clinical affairs of the company. He has over 20 years of experience in clinical research.

Ameen Fares

Director & Strategic Planner

Mr. Ameen Fares joined Remedor in 2014. He has more than 30 years of professional and creative leadership in international private and public corporate strategic planning. He is responsible for business analysis and development in Remedor.

Gil Mor


C.M.C Manager

Dr. Mor joined Remedor in 2018. He has more than 15 years of experience in Chemical Manufacturing and Control of pharmaceutical development.

Tony Richardson


Corporate Development Director

Mr. Richardson started managing Remedor’s business activities in 2018. He has broad experience in pharmaceutical commercialization capabilities to market.  

Amal Banna


Pharmaceutical Developer

Mrs. Banna manages pharmaceutical analytics in Remedor. She is responsible for contacts with subcontractors.

Board Of Directors

Luc Teot, MD

Luc Teot is head of the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Unit of the Lapeyronie Hospital, Montpellier, France. He is an editorial board member of 8 journals and former president of the European Tissue Repair Society. He teaches as professor at the universities of Montpellier, Nantes, Limoges, Antilles and La Réunion. His passion for skin regeneration, reconstruction and scarring.

Tony Richardson, MBA

Tony has over 25 years of experience in businesses in the life sciences sector. He started managing Remedor’s business activities in 2018. In 1996, he co-founded Alltracel Pharmaceuticals Plc, a healthcare innovation group which focuses on wound care and was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2001. Tony founded Venn Life Sciences Holdings PLC, a CRO, which was listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market in 2013.

Omar Alwan, DMD

Dr. Omar Alwan has over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare industry as an Investor, practitioner, consultant, and business owner. Dr. Alwan has taken part in implementing and executing medical device development projects for managed care organizations and other institutions such as hospitals and provider-based institutions. Dr. Alwan completed his specialty training in Dentistry at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Noaz-Bar Nir, MBA

Mr. Bar-Nir served for the Chief Executive Officer for Clalit Health Services “Clalit Health Fund” which is the largest and oldest health organization in Israel. The organization provides its services to over 50% of the residents of the State of Israel. Noaz serves as director in numerous respectful companies including ELBIT SYSTEMS Ltd.  

Amin Fares, MBA

Mr. Amin Fares is an active Director of Remedor Biomed. Mr. Fares is a recognized investor in life science. He led numerous investments with strategic partnerships in global innovations. Mr. Fares has more than 25 years of senior positions in the innovation sector and medical investments. Amin founded Economic Analysis, an equity fund with one of the biggest financial groups in Israel and led it to a successful investments and exit. Mr. Fares holds BA in economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Sadanori Akita, MD

Sadanori Akita is a professor-in-chief of department of plastic surgery, and regeneration of Fukuoka University, Faculty of Medicine. He is expert in clinical research of regenerative tissue and wound healing.

Paul Liu, MD

Paul is Chair and Professor of Plastic Surgery at Brown University. He is chief of plastic surgery at Rhode Island Hospital and a professor of surgery at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. He most recently served as chief of surgery at Roger Williams Medical Center. He was educated at Harvard Medical School and Oxford University, where he was a Marshall Scholar. Paul is the Co-founder of PAX Therapeutics which is a US-based company commercializing a breakthrough product for tissue regeneration and reconstruction. He has over 30 years of experience in medical and business leadership positions in the women’s healthcare industry.


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